Claims Assessment Process

The claim assessment is a key part of the Unslashed protocol. It follows a simple process:
Step 1: Claim Request
An Insured submits a claim and provides evidence of his or her loss. The claim has 2 days to be challenged (anyone can challenge a claim).
Step 2: Challenging Process
If the claim is challenged, it is sent to a Kleros court. The Insured can add as much evidence as he or she wishes.
Step 3: The Kleros Court
A Pool of Jurors reviews the evidence and votes to rule whether the claim is valid or not. If deemed valid, the Insured receives his or her payout. If deemed non-valid, he can appeal and provide additional pieces of evidence
If not challenged, the Insured receives his or her payout.
Claims usually take around 5 days to be reviewed, depending on their complexity and whether they've been challenged or not. Funds corresponding to the claims are made available as soon as the Kleros courts give their ruling.