Asset Management Integration
Unslashed - Enzyme bridge
The Unslashed - Enzyme bridge does the following:
  • It receives ETH from the Spartan Bucket and sends it to the Enzyme fund.
  • It tracks the value of the ETH that was sent there.
  • The Spartan Bucket can request the ETH to be transferred back at any time.
This allows Unslashed to earn a yield - as much as 20%. It provides stronger security guarantees for every stakeholder involved in the protocol, creating an additional buffer of safety if claims are triggered. Capital Deployment has started and the strategies are voted over by the governance. The first Enzyme fund used for deploying the capital is USF Fund I and it can be found here:

> Example of farming strategies

Enzyme only implements strategies which are highly liquid. An example of a strategy that was discussed is the Lido X Curve strategy.
This consists in staking an amount of ETH into Lido’s liquid staking pool in exchange for stETH and putting that with an equal amount of ETH into the Curve stETH pool. The yield in the Curve stETH pool can be up to 20% APY.
Below is a simple calculation without considering fees and slippage in both the Curve and Lido pools - please note that APYs are taken as examples only:
1000 ETH
Lido APY
Curve APY
Total APY
50% in stETH (500 ETH)
50% ETH (500 ETH)
Total APY
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