Protocol Participants


Insurers are Capital Suppliers who are able to participate by contributing ETH to various Capital Buckets or through specific, individual Capital Pools. Insurers will earn yields from:


Insured are Cover Buyers who pay an Insurance Premium to buy a cover and be insured against a wide variety of potential risks. $USF Governance Token Holders USF holders vote on the direction the protocol takes and also updates the protocol parameters. Over the first months, the team will continue managing the protocol parameters and will gradually transition it to the Unslashed DAO.

Kleros Jurors

​Kleros is a decentralized dispute resolution protocol which has been implemented on Ethereum. By applying a set of rules and by using game-theoretic incentives, Kleros’ Jurors are able to provide solutions to highly complex problems. Kleros evaluates all disputed claims and their rulings, when favorable, automatically trigger the payouts to claimants.

Enzyme Finance

​Enzyme Finance is an Ethereum-based protocol for decentralized on-chain asset management. It is a protocol for entities or protocols to manage their assets or the assets of others within a customizable and safe environment. Enzyme empowers anyone to set up, manage and invest in customized on-chain investment vehicles.