Asset Management

Asset Management is an integral part of any insurance offering, Unslashed was built to easily allow asset management capabilities
Unslashed Finance includes a native Asset Management layer through a bridge with Enzyme Finance. Enzyme Finance supports 200+ assets and is integrated to all types of DeFi protocols. Enzyme Vaults can handle lending, AMM pools (eg. Uniswap and Curve pools), staking (eg. Curve LP tokens or just plain ETH), semi-automated farming strategies, leverage and more. It makes it possible to earn yield efficiently on the Capital Supplied .
Asset Management through Enzyme provides several advantages:
  • Insurers can earn an additional yield, resulting from a better capital utilisation
  • It can grow the Buckets Capital and increase the amount of coverage provided
  • The Unslashed team can essentially lean on Enzyme’s network of developers and highly recognised security experts (Enzyme Council, Chain Security, PWC and Open Zeppelin), outsource maintenance and focus on building the best insurance protocol