Proposal Lifecycle

Unslashed adopts a Compound-style governance system, which is becoming the standard for DAO-centric projects. The system consists of basic contracts, is easy to reason about, and has been very closely audited.
This document is a living document which represents the current process guidelines for developing and advancing Unslashed Governance Proposals.
Several governance venues are available to Unslashed governance, each serving its own particular purpose. These processes are subject to change according to feedback from the Unslashed community. 1. Initial idea - Discord #governance​
A Discord channel for governance-related discussion, where any community member is encouraged to post a draft for initial reaction feedback.
2. Discussion - Discourse​
A Discourse-hosted forum for governance-related discussion. Community members must register for an account before sharing or liking posts. Following the comments the initial draft gathered, you can refine and update your proposal. 3. Signalling Vote - Scattershot​
A simple gasless signalling voting interface that allows users to signal sentiment off-chain. Votes on scattershot are weighted by the number of USF and LP tokens delegated to the address used to vote. Given the gas costs on the Ethereum network, most of the non-transaction based decisions are voted through Scattershot.
4. Final Vote - Tally​
​Tally is a friendly user-interface for the governance smart-contracts, it empowers user owned governance through a voting dashboard, governance tooling and real time research and analysis. The app can be used to review data on governance systems, active and past proposals, and individual delegates or token holders. The app also supports direct voting and vote delegation, helping users put their governance insights into action.